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Capture the magic of Christmas or the spookiness of Halloween with a fun photo booth!

Holiday Photo Booth Rentals

Renting a photo booth for your holiday celebration adds an extra layer of festive fun and captures the spirit of the season in every snapshot. Whether it’s the spooky aura of Halloween or the cozy charm of Christmas, a photo booth brings guests together for memorable moments. It’s a delightful way to infuse your holiday party with laughter and joy, giving everyone a chance to star in their own seasonal story. Decked out with themed props and backgrounds, it becomes a magical portal to a world of holiday cheer.

christmas holiday photo booth with santa


  • Seasonal Props Dive into a treasure trove of themed props, from spooky Halloween masks to jolly Christmas hats, perfect for setting the holiday scene.
  • Digital Sharing Easily share your holiday cheer with friends and family online with quick digital uploads to social media or via email and text.
  • Instant Holiday Keepsakes Guests can take home printed photos adorned with holiday-themed frames and designs, making each print a special memento.
  • Essential Event Extras Enhance your event with our stylish tables and chairs, alongside a selection of refreshing drinks and coolers. These key amenities offer both comfort and convenience, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for all your guests.

Unique Prop Tables

Elevate your holiday celebrations with our diverse range of rental props, perfect for any festive occasion. From spooky Halloween decorations to enchanting Christmas ornaments, our props add that extra touch of seasonal magic to your event.

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