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Magnetic Photo Booth Frames


Immerse your guests in joy as the Photo Booth Frames host at your special event presents them with their captured memories, securely encased in this elegant new frame! No more fretting about how to transport those cherished photos without risking damage—this frame serves as the ideal safeguard during their journey and guarantees a spot for display.

Don’t let the excitement of your event fade away with photos hidden in drawers. With this stylish Photo Booth Frames, your guests have the perfect avenue to showcase the fun they had. Standing proudly, these photos become a visual testament to the unforgettable moments shared, ensuring that the memories are not just preserved but also proudly on display for all to see.

Additional Information

  • A large strong magnet is securely adhered to the back of the Photo Booth Frames.
  • 2″ X 6″ pictures fit perfectly into these frames.
  • Acrylic frames have smooth polished edges.


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