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Greenery Champagne Wall


Elevate your wedding celebration with our exquisite greenery champagne wall, a stunning fusion of natural elegance and sophisticated charm. This enchanting feature, available for rent, is adorned with lush, vibrant foliage, creating a breathtaking backdrop that exudes romance and luxury.

Perfectly designed to hold flutes of sparkling champagne, it invites guests to indulge in a touch of luxury while serving as a captivating focal point for your special day. This unique champagne wall not only enhances the ambiance but also offers an interactive experience, making it an unforgettable addition to your wedding festivities.


  • 4ftx8ft
  • Waterproof Four shelves
  • Holds up to 50 glasses.
  • Made for halls and outside event

Note: Glasses aren’t included. Customers can request the glasses. A small fee will be included. No charge for delivery within Metro area. If outside of metro area, delivery charge will be added.


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