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Photo Booth Sequin Backdrop

The sequin backdrop curtain is recommended for wedding, party, baby shower, birthday, prom, ceremony, or any event where you may want the appearance of sparkle, elegant beauty. Sequin curtains are also the perfect choice on windows that tend to radiate heat, as they provide optimal thermal protection without creating a black environment.


EASY TO SETUP: Transforming your space has never been simpler! The user-friendly Rod Pocket Sequin Backdrop design ensures a seamless installation experience on any standard or decorative rod. No need for specialized tools or complicated maneuvers—just slip it onto the rod, and voila! Your new addition is ready to grace your space in no time. Effortless elegance is just a pocket away!

Sequin Backdrop rent for event program_sparkle

NO DROPPING SEQUINS: Fear not the glitter storm! Our meticulously serged edges are like the superheroes of sequin safety, keeping those dazzling sequins right where they belong—on the backdrop, not on your floor. Picture-perfect moments at weddings, parties, and events are guaranteed to be elegant and sparkly without the hassle of chasing runaway sequins. So, go ahead and shine on without the worry of a sequin trail following you!

Sequin Backdrop rent for event program_edge

HIGH DENSITY SEQUINS FABRIC: Talk about a sequin extravaganza! With a whopping 143,872 sequins per square meter, our high-density sequin fabric takes glamour to a whole new level. That’s a dazzling 20,000 more sequins than the standard, ensuring your backdrop is a shimmering masterpiece. And here’s the best part—it’s not just a showstopper, it’s a secret keeper too. No peekaboo moments here, as this fabric boasts non-transparency. So, you can enjoy the full sparkle without revealing anything you’d rather keep behind the scenes. Shine bright without the see-through fright!

Sequin Backdrop rent for event program_close

PERFECT FOR PARTY DECORATION: The versatility of sequin backdrop curtains knows no bounds! Whether it’s the fairy-tale ambiance of a wedding, the celebratory vibes of a party, the adorable charm of a baby shower, the festive spirit of a birthday, the glamorous allure of prom night, or the solemnity of a ceremony—these curtains are your event’s best companion. Elevate any occasion with a touch of sparkle, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Whatever the celebration, these sequin backdrop curtains are here to ensure it’s bathed in shimmer and style. Let the festivities begin!

Sequin Backdrop rent for event program_front-view

CARE INSTRUCTION: Handle with care for everlasting sparkle! When it comes to washing your sequin backdrop curtains, a gentle touch is all they need. Opt for a hand wash to keep those sequins shimmering like new. Once they’ve had their spa day, let them air-dry by hanging them up—no wringing required! And here’s the golden rule: resist the urge to iron. These curtains prefer to keep their natural, elegant drape without any heat-induced wrinkles. So, treat them kindly, and they’ll continue to be the dazzling stars of your events, wash after wash.

Sequin Backdrop rent for event program_colors

MANY COLOR AVAILABLE: Finish your room/party decorations by hanging a curtain. Shop through the variety of colors available with ShinyBeauty sequin curtains.

Sequin Backdrop rent for event program


SIZE: 10 ft x 10 ft

Note: A backdrop is included with all photo booth rental packages.


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